How to Make your Customized Itinerary in 3 Steps

1. Click on "New Trip"

Create a new trip and fill in basic information about your trip, e.g. city, duration etc., and click on “Submit”.

2. Select Sights to Visit

This brings you to a page with reviews and photos of sights to visit at your destination. Save sights you want to visit by clicking on ❤️ at the top right of the sight, and click on “finalize trip”.

3. Save Trip

Our machine learning algorithm will compute the optimal route to visit these sights and recommend an itinerary for you in a matter of seconds!

If you haven't signed in, click on "Save Trip" in the top left of the itinerary to save this trip to your account. You will need to sign in/ sign up.

If you have signed in, the trip will be automatically saved to your account and you can access it by going to "My Trips".

Itinerary Options

Once the itinerary in created, there are options to:

  • Start navigating in Google Maps - Click on "Open in Maps" at the end of every day
  • Do a virtual tour of the destination
  • Edit trip settings: If you make your trip “public”, your itinerary may be featured in our gallery for other travelers to explore, and you can share the URL of your trip itinerary with friends too!