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Posted by on 03 May, 2020

Whether you're there for the food, the culture, or just to explore the legendary streets which are so prevalent in pop culture, London has a variety of locations for travelers of all sorts of interests. It's also the perfect city to visit regardless of the season. The snows of winter let you explore the Christmas Markets hosted in both Hyde Park and the legendary Leceister Square. Spring brings slightly warmer temperatures, perfect for settling down in a cafe and enjoying the city while rain falls on the windows. Summer brings warmth and sun to the city, making it perfect for a walk along the river. Fall brings cooler temperatures again perfect for strolling through any of London's world-class museums.

Without further ado, here's some suggestions on the best things to do in London!

Visit Parliament

London's Parliament buildings are some of the most photographed in the world. Built alongside the River Thames, these buildings are a striking example of Gothic Revival architecture, and were first constructed in 1016. Visiting London's Parliament is a great way to start off any trip to London. It's a short walk from here to Buckingham Palace itself, so if the weather is nice you can visit both in one day!

Dine on Traditional Food

London has a strong dining culture. Whether you're interested in eating at fine dining, or eating traditional food from one of the United Kingdom's many former colonies, London has options. It would be silly to go to London and not try out any of their traditional foods though. Whether you're interested in stopping by a pub and having a pint with your meal, or would prefer something a bit calmer, no trip to London could be complete without an order of Fish and Chips.

Get Lost in a Museum

London has an insanely large number of museums, that span all different subject matters. First-time visitors could spend a day or two in the British Museum alone, viewing different artifacts from all sorts of civilizations and even coming face to face with a mummy. Those interested in Art can visit the Tate or Tate Modern and learn more about the art itself. People more into experiencing history at the actual location can take a grisly tour of the Tower of London. Perhaps most unique is the opportunity to tour and watch a play at the famous Globe Theater, where Shakespeare's plays were originally performed.

Put a little Magic in your Life

In modern times, London is maybe most directly connected with one thing: Harry Potter. British culture plays a large part in Harry's life, and the city of London itself isn't without a few references to Harry Potter thrown in. Stop by King's Cross Station itself and you can visit Platform 9 3/4, complete with a photo set. If you're interested in plays, JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is also available downtown to enjoy.

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