Our Virtual Tour feature has a lot of hidden features to help you zoom around the world! In order to help you make the most of this and have fun exploring the world, we'd love to help you learn the ins and outs of our tool!

Moving to Destination

In order to move to a specific destination, you can simply click the green button next to your destination and you'll be instantly transported as close as we can get you to it!

Setting your Own Path

We're explorers at heart, and understand the need to chart your own course and make your own destiny. To move to a specific area on the map, simply click on the small map and your street view tour will move over there!

Teaching others about your Trip

Take the time to set some descriptions on your sights! If you can tell your friends why they should go somewhere and help teach them about it, they'll have a much better time exploring the world! Anything you enter there will show up on the virtual tour when they click the red place marker, so be your own guide to the world!


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