Sequoia National Park is a beautiful national park located in California known for its giant, majestic Sequoia trees. All the hikes included are easy to moderate.

1. Moro Rock

Moro rock is a granite dome that you can climb up on a narrow path and stairway with approximately 350 steps. It is a short but somewhat strenuous climb. Although there are railings, there are some steep dropoffs so if you are afraid of heights, be warned! Once at the top, you are rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views of San Joaquin Valley on one side and the snowcapped mountains of the Great Western Divide on the other.

2. Crescent Meadow and Tharp's Log

This is a great spot to stop for lunch - there are some picnic tables and benches near the parking lot. Here you will also find an easy 2-mile loop around Crescent Meadow in the cool shade under the canopy of giant trees.

3. Tunnel Log

[Wheelchair Accessible]

Drive, walk, or bike through tunnel log! This giant sequoia tree straddling both sides of Crescent Meadow Road fell in 1937 and a tunnel was made from it the following summer. It has since become a famous tourist attraction in the park.

4. Big Trees Trail

[Wheelchair Accessible]

Admire the giant sequoia trees on this easy 1.4 mile loop. Remember to take in the sight and smell of the forest :)

5. General Sherman Tree

[Wheelchair Accessible]

No visit to Sequoia National Park is complete without seeing the General Sherman Tree. Measuring 275 feet in height and 36 feet in diameter at the base, the General Sherman is the world's largest tree and it is believed to be older than 2,000 years old! From the parking lot, it is a 0.8-mile paved trail down to the General Sherman Tree.

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