Capitol Time in the Capitol City

Posted by on 04 May, 2020

Washington DC may get the bad reputation of being associated with politicians, but it can still be an exciting location to visit! With plenty of national landmarks around, and a wide variety of food, Washington DC can take many days to visit. But with the right itinerary and mindset, you can see a lot of what DC has to offer in just 2 full days!

The National Mall

The National Mall has a lot of key places to visit for anyone in DC. It's the home of the Smithsonian and its vast arrays of museums, as well as a few key monuments. You can divide the National Mall in half at the Washington Monument. To the East of the monument lie the museums. Feel free to pick any of the topics that interest you, they're all world-class. Not only are they great for experienced viewers who know what they're looking for, they're also great for those just starting out to learn about the subjects, or people who want to brush up on them! You can learn more about the Smithsonian Museums here.

The Monuments

The West half of the National Mall is where the majority of the monuments are located. On this end you can walk from the Washington Monument all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial. Along this trail are the FDR Memorial, and the White House. These spots are free to visit, and a great way to spend an afternoon visiting them. Food trucks line the streets in this area as well, so it's a great idea to plan a picnic lunch in the area!

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