About Us

Why itinease?

Going on vacation may sound like fun, but planning a trip is stressful and a substantial time investment. According to TravelPulse, millennials spend on average eight hours planning each vacation!

Being avid travelers ourselves, we created an online tool designed to expedite the vacation planning process. Our vision for the product is to make itinerary planning quick and painless, as well as inspire people like you to explore new places!

The Team

We are a team of two (a software engineer and a data scientist) based in Los Angeles. We came up with this idea after a trip to Canada last summer, when neither of us wanted to plan and started ideating on scalable ways to automate itinerary planning.

During the Shelter-in-Place order in March 2020, we worked on making this idea a reality. Although there is no replacement for physical travel, we were hoping that this would help to satisfy other travelers’ wanderlust and give everyone an outlet!

Contact Us

  • Email: itinease@gmail.com