Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes, California, United States of Americ

Erick Schat's Bakkery
Famous for its Original Sheepherder Bread, this bakery has a great selection of bread, pastries, donuts, sandwiches and more!
Convict Lake
Take a dip in the alpine lake or rent a kayak/ paddleboard from Convict Lake Resort
Twin Lakes
Beautiful lakes popular for fishing in the summer
Minaret Vista
Breathtaking panoramic view, great for viewing sunset!
Devil's Postpile National Monument
Cliff of exposed columnar basalt; 1-mile roundtrip hike from parking lot to the base of Devil's Postpile
Rainbow Falls
Hike to this beautiful waterfall on a 6-mile out-and-back trail via Devil's Postpile
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Manzanar National Historic Site
This site was one of the ten camps where Japanese Americans were held in detention during World War II. Visitor Center and exhibits are closed during COVID-19, but self-driving tour path and parking lots are open.
Mobius Arch Loop Trail
0.6-mile loop trail with scenic views of eroded rocks in the Alabama Hills Recreation Area; beware of extreme hot during the day in the summer here!
Cottonwood Creek Charcoal Kilns
Back in the 1870s, these kilns made of clay bricks were used to produce charcoal for silver miners in Cerro Gordo near Lone Pine.
Hagen Canyon Nature Trail
1.2-mile loop trail through colorful red cliffs; beware of extreme hot during the day in the summer here!
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